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At work, Uranus opens your appetite for taking initiatives, and Venus and Mars help you get recognition. In terms of health, you are fine, if you relax. May is announcing to be full of contradictions, conflicts, and major challenges for you. Saturn had a tense relationship with the Sun, Mars, Venus, and Mercury, and this means disagreements in the couple life, professional dissensions, renouncing or disappointments.

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Uranus urges you to make a series of changes. The end of the months finds you exhausted and weakened. In June , it is possible to have one of your wishes come true. A romantic vacation is waiting for you, or a transforming experience going on a long trip, and the plans for an engagement or a marriage may fructify now.

Avoid legal proceedings and focus on career, you have all the chances of getting a promotion or a raise. In July, your attitude will be open, creative, and fun, which will surprise those around you. You are concerned about the financial aspect of your job and it is possible to renegotiate a raise. In love, pay more attention to your partner and his needs! With Mars and Jupiter in your zodiac sign, you are enjoying a contagious enthusiasm and a crazy mood for love.

At work, you have initiative, force, inspiration, and tact in negotiations.

Expect big professional achievements and substantial gains. Health is also not a matter for concern, but you should avoid making excesses of any kind!

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During the first half of September, you retire in your privacy, you concern yourself a lot with aspects related to your household, home decorating etc. If you are not involved in a relationship, a story from the past may re-emerge, but there are no chances of reconciliation. Towards the end of the month, Venus will inspire your appetite for love, sensuality, and fun. For the Cancer natives, October comes with plenty of seriousness and intensity in the couple life.

The natives are willing to make big sacrifices for their personal fulfillment, even if this means keeping their eyes closed in front of the obstacles they are facing. The attitude helps them, in most cases, to solve some overdue sentimental issues. Venus is in transit through your zodiac sign in November, bringing you intense feelings, either extremely positive, or negative.

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You are starting to think of how compatible you really are with your partner, to ask for openness and tolerance or to test his feelings. If you have no one special in your life, there are many chances to fall in love during this period. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Daily Horoscopes Pisces Daily Horoscope.

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