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Don't EVER tell a sag how to live their life Or to chill.

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We sags know how to hurt you. And trust me When we do. It's gonna hurt c: Happy - Feb PM. Im a sagittarius and im quite disappointed this sign says nothing about being a leader cause i actually like to lead Sammy96 - Feb PM. At the heart of this constellation is a supermassive black hole that tears apart and absorbs anything that ventures too close. Could be relevant. Just Sayin' - Nov PM. Im not much of the outdoors guy but, most of these traits are true.

NASA has just altered the dates. First time they've been altered in yrs or so.

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I am no longer a miserable Capricorn but a fun loving Sagittarius. Bring it on. Having said that I guess the stars are applicable to your actual date of birth so in reality I'm still a fekin Capricorn :- Ray - Sep PM. I am a Sag and I was blamed for speaking harshly.

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But after few months those who blamed came back to me and said, "Oh. I should have listened to you". Sag's are instinct based creatures. Sometimes our instinct can tell even the future. Many called me asarrogant and yet they just could not digest the fact that I love animals very much and I am a vegan. And one more fact about Sag, Sags can be easily fooled and a Sag person can forgive and forget anything but If you betray A Traitor a Sag, You can never ever gain Sag's trust again. Sag's are usually very good to other people but if they are in a bad mood, please run away, Because we Sags know exactly how to hurt you.

Ok Just What I needed to See!!!

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Now I see why I end up with conversations with total strangers,any age, All Genders. I have always love my neighbor as I also love myself. My Character proved it. DJ - Jun AM. Enter word:. Basics of Astrology Zodiac Signs Love and the Zodiac Types of Astrology Famous Astrologers Astrology in Pop Culture Astrology Systems Site Information Ash Re: Astrology for Babies I had ectopic pregnancy just wanted to know whether I'll conceive again or no n will I have a normal pregnancy 6 October I want my old zodiac sing!

I was virgo but right now I'm leo and wha the hell I am not self-loving!!

Sagittarius Personality Traits (Sagittarius Traits and Characteristics)

Please change it back I want my old… 6 October Need help to make a decision whether to renovate or not as it is costly. No support from husband… 3 October Both fit my personality so it's really weird. Ian unmarried. I want to know when will I get married. I was born 5 pm on Easter Sunday. This can mean they appear to change careers and partners easily, leaving behind a mess that others have to sort out! They are prone to becoming the perpetual student, especially in topics concerning spirituality or philosophy as they have a huge appetite for learning.

In fact, If someone you know is a walking encyclopedia — they may well be a Sagittarius! Another telling trait is their ability to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. They tend to speak before really thinking things through. I Seek, I See. Sagittarius is the gypsy, the student, the philosopher, and the Shaman. And with such expansion comes a lighthearted optimism of which every other sign in the zodiac could benefit from. Sagittarius stresses the need to live, to laugh, to have fun, and to learn because, ultimately, nothing matters.

They love adventure, travel, sports, and anything that stimulates them and thrills their buoyant spirit. The fire signs: Aries, Leo and other Sagittarians make great romantic partners or friends for Sagittarius. They need almost constant stimulation and someone who is loud and outgoing sparks their interest and feeds their internal fire. They also love to be around air signs, such as Libra, Aquarius and Gemini.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

If you mix air with fire, the fire burns stronger and this is what thrills Sagittarius about such people. One thing that turns Sagittarius off instantly is being restricted or constrained in some way. To be honest, there is very little you can do about it — Sagittarius needs to be free. Life can be one long party with a Sagittarius partner, but watch out for their habit of overindulgence! Sagittarius loves to eat nice things, drink nice wines and sample all that life has to offer — just bear in mind that they can be prone to overdoing it!

Sagittarius in Astrology

In fact keep your suitcase packed under the bed and your passport ready. Sagittarius mom will involve your whole neighbourhood in family activities. The more the merrier pretty much sums her up. With her interest in spirituality, expect to celebrate festivals of more than one culture — in fact, expect to celebrate them all. A good party is what everyone needs, after all. According to the Sagittarian woman, the best parties have the most guests, the most food and, of course, drinks flowing on tap!

The Sagittarian woman will cook a huge spread that incorporates food from every corner of the globe and will be an entertaining, if somewhat excitable, host. In fact, both Sagittarian men and women can have hot tempers that flare up without warning. Fueled by wanderlust, these archers can be found traversing all corners of the world on thrill-seeking expeditions.

It's no surprise that Jupiter, the planet of abundance, spirituality, and growth, governs Sagittarius. With so many journeys under their belt, Sagittarians are excellent storytellers and can light up any room with their exhilarating tales and infectious laughter. Effortlessly magnetic, Sags easily attract friends and lovers with their senses of humor. They're the comedians of the zodiac and infuse all of their conversations with wit and "no bullshit" bluntness. While their bon mots are unmatched, Sags must remember to keep their sharp tongues in check. Sagittarius is a mutable sign, meaning it is associated with adaptability and flexibility.